Exploring the Anthropocene is a ten-part documentary series for students in need of compelling and science-driven environmental education. 

Narrated and Directed by Dr. Monty Hempel.

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Episode 1

Introduction to the Anthropocene

Evolution of human driving forces

Episode 2

A System of Systems

Applying systems theory

Episode 3

Climate Disruption

An overview of global climate change

Coming Soon…

Episode 4


An overview of eight ocean challenges

Coming Soon…

Episode 5

weaving the web of life

An overview of biodiversity and habitat decline

Coming Soon…

Episode 6

vanishing vaquitas

A case study of critically endangered propoise

Coming Soon…

Episode 7

environmental worldviews

The promise of sustainable communities

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Episode 8

sustainability as strategy

The promise of sustainable communities

Coming Soon…

Episode 9

eye to eye with whales

A transformative encounter

Coming Soon…

Episode 10

leaving the anthropocene

A future of historical surprise

Coming Soon…

Dr. Monty Hempel

I’m a college professor and documentary filmmaker with a passion for video storytelling about the relationship between people and Nature. My overlapping goals are to help protect the web of life and to help create sustainable human communities — places that are green, prosperous, fair, and inspirational. Teaching is my forte, filmmaking is my preferred instrument of communication, and mobilizing environmental action through dramatic educational stories is my primary mission. As a video storyteller, my latest objective is to introduce young people to the challenges posed by living on a human-dominated planet – what my fellow scientists call the Anthropocene. My strategy for moving forward has been to write, film, and direct this educational series.

Blue Planet United

Exploring the Anthropocene is funded by Blue Planet United, a public benefit, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which helps people make connections between three defining issues of the twenty-first century: population stabilization, sustainable consumption, and the preservation of wild landscapes, seascapes, and habitat. Founded in 2006 by Monty and Marilyn Hempel, we create print publications, educational films, and web resources that foster awareness and action to save the last great wild places of this tiny blue planet.

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